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Episode 033 - Susie Maguire, Love-Based Learning

I am devoted to bringing more love into the world by every means imaginable - doing only work that I love, following the longings of my heart wherever if may take me, or whatever it calls me to do (even if it means jumping over the odd cliff edge into the complete unknown) raising my son William to follow his heart in all aspects of his life, giving him an education that is 100% love based learning and by doing lots of little acts of love for friends, family and complete strangers. I believe in magic and miracles and the restorative power of pluff and naps. I also believes the world is a wonderful place and human beings are quite the most lovely bunch and am 100% confident that humanity is on the verge of figuring out how to be really nice to each other all the time. I founded and built an international management consultancy that worked with some of the world’s most amazing corporations all around the globe before exhausting myself and giving it all up to raise the child I was told I would never have. Since then I've done some very selective projects for companies like Facebook … but only when they asked really nicely! As ardent unschoolers and peripatetic souls William and I have wandered the world together and have enjoyed the wonders and people of nearly 50 countries and have been blessed to see and experience the most incredible things. I have never blogged or twittered or FB’d about our journeys and adventures, but I am busting with excitement and things to say about the insights I have had over the years and am currently working on a book and a series of workshops to help others live love based lives and is designing a program for the corporate world called Love@Work.

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