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Episode 034 - Emily Dyke, Math Inspirations

Emily is co-founder of Math Inspirations and author of Hands On Math and 10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Math. Emily’s pursuit of professional teaching began at Brigham Young University in their Mathematics Education program. Soon, Emily’s mentor, renowned math education guru Dr. Blake Peterson asked Emily to join him in his research and teaching others in her program. Under Dr. Peterson, Emily mastered the art of teaching a deep, conceptual understanding of math. After years of study, Emily moved to Yuma, AZ to teach at Yuma High School. What did she discover? That all the great theories she had learned didn't work, at least not in the current educational model. It wasn't until she started teaching her nieces and nephews that the Discovery Method was born. Since then, Emily has worked with parents from all over the country to help them apply the Discovery Method and watched their families use math in a powerful way to become more self-reliant thinkers.

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