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Episode 044 - Alysia Humphries, 2nd Generation Homeschooling

Alysia Humphries is a wife and mother of 6 children ages 4-17. Her homeschool journey began at birth, when her parents were inspired to teach her at home despite not knowing of anyone who homeschooled. She is a grateful recipient of their pioneering efforts and faith that led them eventually to homeschool 9 children, all without the help of Internet resources, curriculum, or a homeschool community. She was homeschooled from day one to college at age 16, where she double majored in music and dance. When she started her family, she knew that she wanted the same freedom and opportunity for her children that homeschool afforded her. She loves to learn, write, do anything artistic and creative, study natural health, and read inspiring literature. She has moved with her family 12 times and has helped create homeschool communities wherever she goes. She especially enjoyed teaching youth Shakespeare classes and principles of liberty and government. She lives in southeast Idaho, where they plan to stay put for a good while :). Motherhood, building community, and teaching her children provide her with constant opportunities to learn more about all kinds of subjects. She blogs sporadically at about finding joy in motherhood, and helping mothers to nurture their own gifts and self care, while valuing and magnifying their influence in their families. She also loves helping people nurture physical and emotional wellness through therapeutic light energy, which she offers at She is grateful for opportunities to help families, and to encourage parents in trusting their intuition as experts on their own families.

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