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Episode 049 - Dallin Shumway, Self-Directed Scholar

Dallin D. Shumway is a 17-year-old self-directed, Leadership Education scholar, living in Layton, UT. He is the founder/director of Liber Speech and Debate, a program he has been running for his Common Wealth School for the past year and a half. Dallin is also the creator of the blog "The Thoughts and Treatises of a Teenage Philosopher" where he regularly shares his ideas with other people. Dallin's interests include speech & debate and mock trial, theater, writing, ballroom dance, and cycling. He has earned many accomplishments in competitive speech & debate and mock trial, and is currently in his fourth year as a student in the Wasatch Homeschool Debate League. Dallin is very passionate about spreading his ideas for making the teenage years a meaningful one through a quality education.

Recommended Book: "Education of a Wondering Man" by Louis L'Amour


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