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Episode 059 - Allan Staker, Brain Chase - Summer Learning Challenge

Allan has gladly ditched his desk job on several occasions, most recently to bring Brain Chase to life. Although this is not his first rodeo, it’s already his favorite.

Allan began his career in the entertainment industry, directing and producing dozens of short films and claiming the 2000 Audience Choice Award at AFI Fest, Los Angeles’ most prestigious film festival. In 2001 Staker founded Liquid Media, a boutique advertising agency where he designed print campaigns and directed broadcast Superbowl commercials for regional clients in the consumer electronics and packaged goods industries. He later managed Studio Relations for Hollywood’s premier box office research and tracking firm.

In 2003 Staker founded a consumer electronics company where he created the Yoostar Entertainment System, a gaming console which the NBC Today Show listed among “Hollywood’s Hottest Gifts,” UberReview dubbed one of the “Coolest Toys on the Planet,” and Rolling Stone included in its “Great Rock & Roll Gift Guide.” Yoostar later evolved into multiple games for XBox and PlayStation platforms.

Allan later managed product marketing for the Safari web browser at Apple, also placing as a finalist in the Apple iContest, a competition to foster internal innovation. As Director of Business Transformation at Hawaiian Airlines in Honolulu, Staker led initiatives such as the rollout of a new in-flight entertainment system. He then directed pricing strategy for Dell Computers’ $3.9 billion North America consumer hardware business.

Staker graduated magna cum laude with University Honors at Brigham Young University in Film Directing and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Join the Summer Challenge it BEGINS JUNE 22nd!

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