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Episodes 073 -075 Steven Horwich, Homeschooling Ins and Outs

I'm gone once again, volunteering my time at another youth camp. Luckily, my friend Steven Horwich is filling in for me with the Ins and Outs of Homeschooling. This week will include three great episodes discussing almost every aspect of homeschooling. Also, I want to note that Steven is my first paid advertiser and I urge you to click on the links on the show notes page and check out his curriculum, Connect The Thoughts. When we received Connect The Thoughts, my own school began studying immediately! Have a great week...

Steven was a professional educator for over 40 years, taught in the Master's Writer Program USC, for LAUSD, in private schools for over 10 years, then gave up on traditional education and homeschooled his two children. Now a homeschool advocate, he has authored STEPS, a comprehensive homeschool curriculum for ages 5-High School. He is also an Emmy Award winning author of musicals, plays and screenplays with many credits.

Recommended Resource: HSLDA

Website: Steps

Steven's Blog - As An Educator

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