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Episode 090 - Tammie Duggar, Healing, Nurturing and Nourishing Others

Tammie Duggar has a special inner mission to heal, nurture and nourish other people. One expression of this is her passion for nutrition. She teaches that the best foods to eat are Whole Real Foods. She has written several cookbooks. Each book is designed to help people connect with real food, to fall in love with the process of meal preparation and to recapture something special that our culture has lost.

Tammie has had a personal journey with food as she has discovered ways to heal herself and increase her vitality. As a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert and with years of “in-the-trenches” training in her own kitchen, her kitchen is her playground where she loves to discover and experiment with new foods and meal options.

She is a natural teacher and has a gift for making people feel good while they learn by making complex things simple and practical. She offers hands on cooking classes and personal mentoring that help build confidence and excitement about eating whole real foods.

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