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Episode 097 - Mollie Harmison, "Becoming the Girl (Person) of Our Dreams"

Mollie Harmison is a Wellness Mentor and Trainer. She inspires individuals all over the nation to reach to their full potential and break through the limiting beliefs that they are not enough. True success comes from the realization that you were put here for something great, but all too often the greatness is stifled by negative beliefs about yourself. Through her own trials of getting to a place of complete numbness and almost losing her marriage Mollie inspires others to become the people they were truly meant to be. Mollie uses mentoring tools and the power of essential oils to help others break through those limiting beliefs and find hope, healing and freedom in their life and in turn empower other lives around them. Come learn how to release what’s been holding you back and equip yourself to move forward with correct tools and principles to help you accomplish your goals and heal you body/mind. You are enough, and there’s enough goodness to go around, you just have to learn how to attract it!

Offers Mollie made during the show: 1st person to comment on her YouTube Video get a FREE CD "Becoming the Girl of Our Dreams" and 1st person to email her at the address below gets a FREE $2700 group mentoring package

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