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Episode 107 Andy and Kendra Fletcher - Homeschooling In Real Life

Kendra is a popular conference speaker and writer, appearing in such publications as The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Washington Family Magazine, and She moonlights as a wrangler of the 6 kids who are still under 18 in their home. Yes, she gave birth to all 8. She is the Classic over-achiever.

Fletch has been featured on The Homeschool Heartbeat broadcast and has won the coveted Best Homeschool Dad Blog award for theMangoTimes, but he moonlights as a dentist and keeps his patients or captive audience, laughing as he drills. He also celebrates International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Who wouldn’t want to have a dentist dressed like a pirate?

Fletch and Kendra - Homeschooling In Real Life


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