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Episode 108 - Laura Grace Weldon, Free Range Learning, Creative Living & Gentle Encouragement

Laura Grace Weldon is the author of Free Range Learning. This handbook of natural education is heavily researched and resource-packed, plus it shares the wisdom of over 100 homeschooling families from around the world. Laura lives on “Bit of Earth Farm” where she works as an editor (and marginally useful farm wench). Her articles appears in such places as, Christian Science Monitor, Literary Mama, Life Learning Magazine, Holistic Parenting, and many others. Laura is also the author of a poetry collection titled “Tending” and at work on her next book.



Her blog - at

Free Range Learning community on Facebook

Samples of her articles:

Bringing Kids Back to the Commons

Homeschool Worries, Erased

The Benefits of Natural Math

40 Ways Kids Can Volunteer: Toddler to Teen

How Kids Benefit from Real Responsibilities

Getting Science on Everything

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