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Episode 109 - Diane Lockman, Inspiring Classical Scholars

Diane Lockman takes a non-traditional approach to classical education; she believes the Greco-Roman and early Christian method was all about teaching three essential intellectual skills, not putting the child through a 12-year, three-stage curriculum. She’s passionate about equipping and encouraging bright homeschool moms to teach those skills, that is, how to read, think, write, and speak effectively.

Diane has written a book and loads of helpful blog posts, which you can find on her 4 websites:,,, and Most recently, she launched an online group-coaching program for moms who want help planning the homeschool year.

A past contributor to Practical Homeschooling Magazine, Diane occasionally speaks at state, local, and virtual homeschooling conferences like Heart of the Matter Online and the Indiana Association of Home Educators. She also teaches (1) high school humanities classes to homeschool teens, (2) English as a 2nd language to Iraqi refugees, and (3) reading comprehension to 3rd and 4th grade inner-city girls.​

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Skype User Name: diane.lockman


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