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Episode 119 - Lorana Johnson, Overcoming Mental Blocks with Rapid Eye Therapy

Lorana is a Medical Laboratory Scientist working at the local hospital in the laboratory. Through her own life experiences and seeing the poor health and emotional problems of the patients at work, she realized there had to be more than just a “pill” to make life better. Like most of us, Lorana wanted to heal her own emotional pain and assist her family in finding greater peace. She began searching and studying all forms of emotional healing. In the process she found Rapid Eye Technology (RET). RET is a process to clear and release negative behavioral, emotional and mental patterns. It utilizes blinking, eye movements, breathing and imagery to facilitate the process. Lorana is a Master Rapid Eye Technician.

Lorana is the mother of 4 children and 2 delightful grandchildren. She is also an engaging and entertaining speaker and loves to teach classes on emotional healing.


Phone Number: 208-681-4686

YouTube Feed:

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