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Episode 125 - Leanna Christensen, Sole Renewal

Leanna Christensen is a mother of four, certified Zone Balance practitioner of 8 years and foodie. Leanna has helped many people over the years understand how natural healing and nutrition can benefit and empower the individual and families. You will be touched by Leanna’s passion for helping you learn to create the balanced life you desire. She knows, by doing this you will dramatically improve your quality of life. That is what makes it all worth it!

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Quotes -

“I had to learn and create a new habit, a new pattern, a new way living and thinking outside the box of the standard American diet, to create health in more of a preventative way. I’ve learned that the body can heal no matter what, if we give it the things that it needs.”

“Everything we do will either improve our health or decrease our health.”


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