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Episode 128 - Maija-Liisa Adams, Expressing YOUR Mission

Maija-Liisa N. Adams is a personal public speaking coach and professional presentations consultant who has worked with people in many Fortune 500 companies and major universities. For many years a resident of Silicon Valley, she now lives in Rexburg, Idaho, where she divides her time between her personal consulting practice and her current role as adjunct faculty at Brigham Young University - Idaho. She serves on the TEDxRexburg board, bringing her perspective on speech and presentations.


Phone Number: 208.270.2358

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“If we still have butterflies than our real concern is that our message is for us and not for the audience.”

“That only comes when they go deep enough and then as they begin to solve the problem they get that, ‘Awe-haw’ and that becomes the new twist on that problem a new solution for that or a slight change on the solution and that makes it an idea worth spreading.”

“If you don’t ask questions and ask the right questions then you won’t get to that solution which would really be the best solution.”


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