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Episode 140 - David Zuniga, Rebuilding AmericaAgain

David Zuniga grew up on a ranch near Laredo, Texas. Besides raising cattle and doing real estate development, David was an architectural engineer for about 30 years, designing commercial and institutional buildings. He founded four classical Christian schools in Iowa, North Carolina and Texas. In 2010 he wrote the book, 'This Bloodless Liberty' describing his vision for AmericaAgain! -- a new way of life for self-governing Americans, and his new book, 'Fear The People' is the workbook and action manual being used by AmericaAgain! meetups being launched all over America today.

As a second-generation homeschooling grandfather, I want the Homeschooling community to learn about AmericaAgain! and beginning launching AmericaAgain! Meetups coast to coast.

Download the book "Fear the People" here

Appendix M of the book, exposing that huge enemy camp within American conservatism.

Look at Appendix F, for instance; synopses of almost 70 books that should be in the family library of every homeschool.


Phone number/text: 830-445-9137

Quotes: "There is for a remnant who will raise the red flag, and say look guys, "here it is, it is hard work, it is tough at first, but look at how well we come out on the other side."

"The state can claim those any time is wants, it has a claim and the claim is constitutional. Will the States have that kind of a spine? I don't know, but we have a model law for them to pass and we will see if their going to take it."

"My grandparents use to talk to us about the depression, what it did to reset their mind."

"We are letting organized crime run our lives and operate congress by 19th century archaic, easily hidden, easily corrupted procedures. It is ludicrous, we can't do this forever."

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