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Episode 145 - Pat Keeney, Using Online Platforms to Direct Student College and Career Planning

Pat Keeney, is the Director of College and Career Planning is a career educator who has spent time in the classroom, consulting, launching a company, and with K12. Pat has also been a learning coach many years for his son, Patrick, and has seen the online experience from that perspective. Although he is presently a Product Manager, Pat served for almost 7 years as part of the K12 Product Development group where he was the lead instructional designer on many award-winning high school math and science courses, lead to conversion of 75 labs to virtual and video based labs, and helped in designing games like X-germz. Prior to his time with K12, Pat was a consultant at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and founded an online education company. His early career consisted of 17 years of working in classrooms in Maryland and Pennsylvania, teaching high school mathematics and science and establishing Advanced Placement programs in 3 school districts.



School Links: Idaho technical Career Academy:

Idaho Virtual Academy:

Destinations Career academy of Colorado:

Utah Virtual Academy which is STEM focused and has a 9-12 Career Program:

YouTube Feed:


"There are many studies that show that one of the keys to happiness is to simply allow ourselves to be curious, to learn, even to fail, and to then continue to be curious afterward."

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