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Episode 154 - Theresa Lode, Encouraging Free Range Education

Theresa Lode has worn many hats through the years but her favorite as been that of a home educator. Her kids now grown, she loves encouraging young moms that Free Range Education not only works - it's imperative if we're going to raise the creative problem solvers we so desperately need in today's world.

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Recommended Books and Website: Honey for a Child's

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Quotes: "Even when I worked in the school and I saw these kids with learning differences and realizing, the kids are fine. It is this mandatory box that we have to fit them in, that is what is messed up!"

"We need creative problem-solvers, we do not people that can follow blindly and be obedient. We need people that move beyond a dualistic thinking of this is right or this is wrong...We need thinkers that are able to look at something and see new connections that wasn't there before."

"A TEDtalk entitled, "Schools Kill Creativity" and that gets right at the heart of a my conviction that we need free range education. Kids need to understand that schooling is much more comprehensive than going to a government building and sitting their butt in a chair for eight hours a day."

"You cannot make a mistake, whatever you're doing as a homeschool mom, you cannot make a mistake. There may be some consequences that aren't what you wanted, so you make another decision but it's not a mistake, it is feedback, it's not failure."

"The biggest thing that I'd encourage woman to do is, be silent and dial into the wisdom that is in your heart."

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