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Episode 155 - Joanne Miller, Creating a Haven of Peace

Joanne Miller is the Author of “Creating a Haven of Peace” and wife of Dan Miller of 48 Days To the Work You Love, Joanne believes that laying a foundation of respect and strong relationship is the key to creating a sanctuary in the home. Joanne gives simple steps in how to intentionally create the home atmosphere you desire. She is an artist, teacher, speaker, mother of three and grandmother of 15.

I might add she is the mother of recent Firestarter guest, Ashley Logsdon Episode #151


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"It can be a single parent or a couple but they need to be on the same page, they need to be in charge. They children don't not need to run and control the home.

"One thing I certainly learned is that you can be happy in spite of your circumstances."

"To look at it with a perspective that give you a little more insight into everyone else lives, we all have a story to tell."

"Take shortcuts when it is necessary, so that you maintain your own sanity, that you maintain good health, and a good attitude about where you are in your life."

"I think probably the biggest thing for me, at this stage in my life, is relearning how to play."

"Continue to play, learn to play and don't take life so seriously."

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