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Episode 157 - Justin Jepsen, Teaching Lessons of Wise Men

Justin Jepsen is a marketer, entrepreneur, investor and best-selling author. He is the founder of the Wise Men Institute where he mentors individuals in wisdom and wealth so they can regain their personal power to follow their star. He and his wife homeschool their four children.

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"It really is about conditioning ourselves to say, "let's check in with our conscience creation." To follow intuition we actually have to live in the belief of the present or the future not the past. Tied into that word "BELIEFS", there are LIES within some of our beliefs. This is really revolutionary when people start to control and identify their main limiting beliefs, they can change anything! They really become limitless to their potential!"

"So when the star appears or you're presented an opportunity through anything. You think, 'Oh I'm poor, I can't do that, I'm unworthy.' Whatever those core beliefs were."

"We have the Wiseman education, and what we are preparing our kids to do is have the wealth, the health, the power, and connection to follow their star."

"That paradigm, I'm open for it to change a lot more! It has changed so much already and I look excitedly to the next tens year, it is fascinating that we can live in that energy."

"I'm choosing into living in my abundance and possibilities and I'm more than enough right now at this moment."

"Allow yourself to explore the possibilities. If there is a thought that comes up, just question those thoughts."

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