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Episode 160 - Stacey Taggart, Freedom and Self-Directed Education at Heritage Family Gardens

Stacey is first and foremost a wife and mother of 3. Although being a mother has been more challenging than she ever imagined, she finds far more reward, beauty and joy through it than she ever thought possible. She is grateful for the experience and opportunity to rise to the challenge and become the mother her children need her to be; to teach them, guide them and instill in them the confidence they need to successfully fulfill their missions and purposes. She is passionate about freedom and as she's discovered that passion, she's been led to many seemingly unrelated areas of focus - homeschooling, specifically leadership education, a traditional, real food diet, energy healing work, entrepreneurship, agriculture, abundance and empowerment mindsets - which all have the underlying theme of personal accountability and freedom. She is happiest when outside, spending time with her family or when learning, discovering and acquiring new knowledge.

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Quotes:"I'm so grateful for those health struggles that I had because they lead me to search, this drive, this desire to find out what was wrong. Then therefore I could find the answers.

"We look at failure incorrectly. There are a lot of questions where there is no right or wrong."

"Something different has lead me to everything because all of a sudden I see there is this whole world out there, that I didn't see before."

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