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Episode 184 - Traci Matt, "Helping Others Waste Their Time Homeschooling"

Traci Matt is an experienced journalist, editor, retired homeschooler, and Christ follower. She has written on a variety of topics ranging from education and ministry, to car repair and fabric wholesaling. Her first book, "Don't Waste Your Time Homeschooling: 72 Things I Wish I'd Known," has held the top spots in two Amazon categories since its publication in 2014, standing many weeks as a best-seller. Traci and her husband live in the Kansas City area in gleefully close proximity to their children and grandchildren. Read more about Traci and her work at



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"Once I made the decision, I was very prideful about it, like you know, I'm doing the best. I am doing the best thing and all the sacrifice is the best way to do things for everybody. Really I learned over the course in the next couple decades that, that was a really bad attitude to have." "It's just still really rings true that the whole system is so artificial and you know has served its purpose." "My parting advice for people that are considering a nontraditional schooling path for their kids is just don't be afraid. Don't be afraid, don't listen to the naysayers. Choose one or two people that you really trust to help keep you grounded, in case something goes wonky along the way. But just do what's best for your family and don't worry about the other peoples' opinions."

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