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Episode 198 - Anne Campbell, "Embracing the Light Bulb Moments of Discovery"

I’m Anne, a homeschool mom, English teacher, tutor, editor, writer, reviewer, homeschool consultant, and chicken wrangler.

We homeschool in between music and art lessons, nature walks, park days, light saber battles, field trips, cooking, and learning to drive–embracing the light bulb moments of discovery and cherishing our spontaneous life.

I love to teach, share resources and ideas, and encourage other parents and homeschoolers. As a certified English teacher with classroom experience in both middle and high school, I enjoy teaching high school literature and writing to homeschool students. You can learn more about the classes I offer under the Classes tab on my homepage.

When we started on our homeschooling journey, our oldest son was in kindergarten. We decided to take it one day at a time, one year at a time, jumping full-force into life, and now here we are 13 years later with a full-time college student, one in high school, and one in elementary–and all still at home. While homeschooling through high school, our current college kid successfully earned college credits through dual enrollment and the Literature and Composition AP exam. He also earned two college scholarships. You CAN homeschool all the way through high school!

We fly by the seats of our pants most days, spending as much time as possible exploring God’s beautiful creation, and seizing learning opportunities whenever they appear. Our days are spent learning through life, living literature, and hands-on experiences.


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