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Episode 211 - Heather Linchenko, Helping Us Hack Math

I was born and raised here in East Idaho as one of ten children, growing up on a farm. As a student at BYU, I had the opportunity of working part-time for Stephen R. Covey and then full-time as his administrative assistant for several years. I typed and edited his Seven Habits book with him from beginning to end, so was especially thrilled to see this book become so helpful to so many people around the world. I served as an LDS missionary in Belgium and France. I later worked as administrative assistant to Douglas T. Snarr, also a motivational speaker and author (who spoke in a circuit with Paul Harvey, Zig Zeiglar, and others) and was also featured as the lead story in the book, Mormon Fortune Builders. These two "mentors extraordinaire", through their intense love of learning, knowledge, passion for sharing and their example in living the principles they taught, planted me firmly on the path of life-long learning; I wanted to become just like them. I married a man born and raised in Russia and discovered from seeing his education how woefully inadequate mine had been. Though I had been an "honor student" through most all of my years in school, I discovered that while I happened to be good at the "system," I did not come out feeling very educated. While living in Kazakstan with my husband's work, and finding the English-speaking schools to be out-of-this-world expensive, of necessity I started homeschooling our five children. What surprised me was how much I enjoyed it and how much more fulfilled it made me feel as a mother. Over the years I have enjoyed the leeway homeschooling gave me to break with tradition and societal norms and experiment with new teaching methods and ideas. Through much trial and error, I have picked up some unique philosophies about education (and parenting) along the way that I have found to be very effective, and much easier on both teacher and student. These new ideas, along with lots of experimenting--and some mind-blowing success in the classroom--led to the creation of a system for teaching multiplication (before addition, ideally) that we call MathHacked. I hope it will become a factor in shifting current educational paradigms. I do see a new day in education dawning and I am excited to be a part of it!


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