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Episode 213 - Matt Murrie, "Helping Us Ask, What if....?"

Matt Murrie is the Chief Curiosity Curator of What If…?360, and author of The Book of What If...?. As designer of the What If...?360 Curiosity Based Learning & Innovation Process, Matt facilitates experiences that connect curiosity with actions that lead to innovation. He is a former English professor and Social Entrepreneurship professor and Coordinator of Innovation for the Churchill Institute for Global Engagement at Westminster College. A graduate of Columbia University’s Teacher’s College, he has over a decade of teaching experience in five countries on three different continents as a public school teacher, Peace Corps volunteer, and college professor. He believes curiosity is a natural resource that can be converted into an energy powerful enough to not only power our planet, but guide it.


What If. There are probably no two other words that represent all of the possibilities in our lives and in our world. So at What If Technologies, Inc. we decided to explore as many of those possibilities as we can.

What If means change. What If stimulates the imagination. What If provokes contemplation and discussion. The Internet offers vast opportunities for communication and commerce, and so when people seek out from their Internet browsers we want to do justice to these two words. So where do we start? What If we try to use the power of millions of people to change the world little by little...

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