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Episode 227 - Charity Haderlie, Building Connexion

Charity is founder of Connexion Academy and creator of Idaho's first annual Women's Connection Summit. Her passion centers on becoming one; one within ourselves and one within humanity through authentic human connection. In other words—connecting with heart. This is a continual process—a journey, not a destination.

Charity currently has her first book in the works, titled “Language of Humanity” has developed a workshop she presents to women's groups about moving the mountains in our lives upcoming Women’s Connection Summit: “Breaking Down Walls and Building Connections” April 28, 1-5 pm, Idaho Falls. Only $25

Thoughts are the biggest mountain we all face, and the largest force of disconnection. They are also the one thing we can control. When we learn to manage our thoughts with intention, and to weed out and replace thoughts which create disconnection from ourselves and from others, then we are able experience the power of authentic human connection.

None of us is more important, more powerful nor more intelligent than all of us.


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