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Episode 242 - Jacob Bohman, Young Adult Author of Transmission, Looking Back

TODAY IS HIS 18th Birthday, so Happy Birthday to an AMAZING son, who I admire!

Jacob Bohman is our second son and like I did with our first son Nick, I catch up with him as he nears graduation. We talk about his education journey and about what we could have done differently or directions that did work well for him. We also talk about his first recently published book, Transmission and what he learned through the writing, editing and publishing process.

Besides writing, he currently works as a lifeguard at a local pool. He is also finishing up high school at Bonneville Online High School, taking an Emergency Medical Technician class at the local campus, and working with the local fire department as the Captain of the Explorer’s Post. He hopes one day to be a firefighter for that same department. Some hobbies he enjoys (besides writing) are weightlifting, learning languages, and participating in the National Youth Leadership Training program for my local Scouts BSA council, for which is he currently serving as the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors for the first course of 2020.

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